NEO POWER – the book

NEO Power has been critically acclaimed in both Australia and North America

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NEO Power demonstrates the extent to which so much of our decision-making is dominated by the techniques, principles and vocabulary of consumerism and marketing. This is so much more than a debate about whether NEOs are particularly fond of cabernet sauvignon. It is also about how citizens, NEO or Traditional, engage in the political process, or seek spiritual enlightenment, or construct a set of personal values.”

Patrick Allington, Review Section, Weekend Australian

“A well-argued take on the contemporary drivers of consumption. The authors spent several years surveying thousands of respondents to uncover a “revolutionary breed” that is changing the social and economic landscape.”

AFR’s Boss Magazine, “Best Management Books for 2006”

“Organisations that can appeal to, and understand, NEOs can benefit dramatically. For example, NEOs tend to vote conservative because they perceive that conservative parties deliver stable economic policy, but they are socially progressive and are emotionally and intellectually drawn to many policies on the Left – if the Left could convince NEOs of its economic credentials, it could harness the NEO power. NEO Power is fascinating stuff.”

Mark Rubbo, Readings Online

“A fascinating examination of the changes taking place in Australia, Neo Power shines an important light on a key part of the social landscape.”

Derek Parker, The Australian

“This fascinating account is accessibly and engagingly written and backed by an impressive cache of research. It provides savvy insights into the desires that drive the brave new world of the information rich, keenly interpreting the thinking behind their actions – and what that means for our future.”

Readings Summer Reading Guide Magazine

“This is not the first attempt to map the class divisions that have been created by the social and cultural shifts of post-industrial, post ideological capitalism, but is this the New, New Class? Maybe this is a class beyond politics. In a world of post-modern individualism, they are no longer impressed by either left or right and have transcended the old political “isms”. They are 4 million parties of one.”

Steve Burrell, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald

“This fascinating read provides helpful insights into how to develop marketing and brand strategies and use creative communication techniques which will reach this influential group of customers that are already changing Australian society.”

Peter Fuller, Wine Business Magazine

“Informative and well observed, although dealing with Australia this book reflects what is going on (in New Zealand) too. It looks at the way we live, jobs, shopping, social changes and the results make interesting reading. Honeywill and Byth have taken an enormous amount of research and statistics and show us the changing pattern of modern life.”

Doris Mousdale, Newstalk Z8, New Zealand

“There are four million Australians who are driving discretionary spending and consumer choice into remarkable new areas. And they’re killing the old AB category that once dictated marketing approaches for high-end products. In their book NEO Power, researchers Ross Honeywill and Verity Byth outline the ten key trends that are shaping our future.”

Helen Trinca, Editor, AFR’s Boss Magazine

‘Honeywill & Byth’s exciting approach to consumer behavior focuses on discretionary spending for products or services that add to the quality of one’s life. Business leaders would do well to wake up to their message.’

John Mutter (Executive Editor, Publishers Weekly, New York)

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